One of the first questions that might come to mind, why did we build the hub and what’s in it for me?

The Hub is a part of the National Interoperability Collaborative (NIC)’s online properties. It is at the heart of the NIC’s work. Technically, it is a web-based platform, launched in September 2018. Some metrics are available on the home page.

The Hub aims to:

  1. Connect members of NIC’s unique community of networks;
  2. Promote greater information-sharing, interoperability and collaboration in human services, public health, health IT, education, public safety, emergency response, and other relevant domains related to and including the Social Determinants of Health and Well-Being, at the local, state and national levels;
  3. Catalyze, support, and sustain positive, systemic changes throughout the United States, especially for underserved individuals, families and communities.

Just a few of the numerous benefits of the hub:

  • Sharing and discussing, ideas, projects and best practices amongst professionals;
  • Learning from each other’s experience, about what has worked and what hasn’t;
  • Gaining exposure and forming mutually beneficial relationships that could expand our knowledge, and further our work;
  • Identifying projects that might inspire and trigger our interest to contribute;
  • Accessing health and wellness related information remotely and saving precious time needed for actions on the ground.


Ultimately, the value of involvement is being on the front lines of accelerating progress to get further faster.


To that point, the value of engagement...

Nowadays, "We are drowning in information while starving for wisdom." It is a no-brainer that communications is being ditched for engagement, because we have less time to choose. According to Edelman Trust Barometer (2008-2009), people turn to peers when time is short and risk is greater. Trust is widely spread; 56% among age 35-64 and 63% among age 25-34 share trust/distrust on the web. We trust peers the most at 57% and only 13% trust advertisers/marketers (least trusted group). People buy trust; trust drives preference, 91% buy from trusted companies. Trust drives the choices we make.

So where am I going with this? the value of collaborating amongst a community of professionals...

This is what we want to build through the Hub, sustainable relationships amongst our unique community of networks, founded on care and trust that comes through and also leads to better engagement and collaboration, that again, will expand our knowledge + further our work + accelerate progress to get further faster ==> saving precious time needed for actions on the ground.

Having said that, join a unique community of professionals...

If you haven’t already please sign up to the hub, once you do, check out the quick tutorial video, connect with peers, tell your story, spread the love, invite your colleagues to join, and share your posts on social media. Let us know if you want to have your own group set up, it could be public or private. It is free!

Our promise, we will continue working on improving your experience, because we CARE...

  • We will be adding more specific tutorial videos to maximize the use of the hub features.
  • We will continue working on mixing up the content, adding vlogs, podcasts, infographics and more.
  • We will make the Hub your virtual Home!

We have a dream!

With your help of course, through the hub we aim to bring NIC’s community together. As NIC’s network expands, the hub will ultimately become the one-stop platform for health and wellness related discussions. Over time, we aspire for NIC’s hub to have a significant impact on the healthcare industry, and contribute in improving people’s lives.

Source: From our First Virtual Open House. Check out the video, slides and more.


Sondes Ben Chagra

SOCI and NIC's Online Community Manager and the Hub Manager/Admin

Talk to me! I care!



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