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Welcome to the 2018 New England Symposium Participant Group!

Thank you for joining the NIC Hub group relating to our major event, “A Symposium in the NIC of Time: Moving Upstream to Improve Health and Well-Being,” which took place from November 26 to November 28 in Avon, CT. This “closed” group is where we have been posting symposium materials.

Most importantly, this is where you can connect and engage with fellow participants, presenters and organizers. We invite you to share your own resources, leave comments, ask questions, make suggestions, engage in conversations and … you get the idea. We look forward to hearing from you!

For more information about this group, please contact Sondes Ben Chagra

Our goal for the symposium was for participants to leave with a stronger understanding that there’s a lot we can realistically accomplish – and that we’ve got a far better chance of doing it if we work together across silos and borders. … Based on what we saw and heard, mission accomplished!
- SOCI President and Co-PI for NIC, Daniel Stein

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