• Hello from Willits! I work for Mendocino County Social Services where I administer multiple homeless services funding. I know our homeless rates could be greatly improved if various professions that interact with persons experiencing homelessness could share information. I'm so grateful to find a way to strategically begin this process, especially in light of the SDOH. I've been searching for a way to bring the medical community to the discussion and I think I may have found it!

    • That's great, Veronica! You are definitely in the right place. 

  • Hi all, Stacy here, from Sacramento!  Aside from advocating for inclusion of ACEs in conversations about advancing upstream SDOHs, I'm committed to advancing knowledge, practice, and evaluation of interoperability in action to achieve cross-sector, transformative systems change on behalf of child and family well-being.  Greatly excited to stay on the cusp of emerging thought and practice.

    • Welcome, Stacy!

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