Action items:

  • Brian H.: Reach out to your New Hampshire connection to see if he and his team would be interested in partnering with Project Unify on the LEAP opportunity.
  • All: If interested in being a part of the LEAP workgroup, contact Daniel.
  • All: If anyone is interested in having a role at the InterOptathon, whether by participating, assisting in setup or observing, contact Stephanie.
  • Amanda: Send out the May 1 presentation to the group for review.
  • All: Review the May 1 presentation and be prepared to share thoughtful feedback during the call on May 13 and assist in preparing for an engaging presentation on May 22.
  • Amanda will make the edits recommended by the group. She will also reach out to each subgroup lead to ensure their pages reflect the correct scope of work, list all core team members, and include important related information such as white papers, mappings or thought pieces.

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