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Shelton, CT


Stewards of Change Institute


Online Community Manager

What are your domains of INTEREST?

Human Services, Education, Public Health, Public Safety, Health Information Technology, Emergency Services

What are your domains of EXPERTISE?

Human Services

Share with us a short bio of yourself.

I joined Stewards of Change about a year ago as the online community manager for the Institute and the NIC. Given my versatile profile, I wear several hats, I provide strategic and technical expertise to leverage the institute and NIC’s communications assets, and also help manage the organization’s online platforms and channels. I worked with 17 companies and businesses so far. I have 23 years of experience as a digital communications and engagement professional, including 10 years of international experience, during which I was the senior web manager of an international Development Bank. I organized and participated in communications activities in some 100 countries. Collaborated with international institutions such as the UN, the world bank and other MDBs. I earned with honors two master’s degrees from the University of Bridgeport, in Computer Science and Global Media and Communications Studies with a focus on New Media. I am very passionate about digital communications, how to use online movements to trigger actions on the ground and positively impact people’s lives. You may learn more about me, if you are interested and want to connect, on social media and on the hub. LinkedIn: Twitter: Email:

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