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Welcome to the NIC & HIMSS Group!

Thank you for joining the NIC & HIMSS Hub group, which relates to the Policy Learning Lab that Daniel Stein – President of Stewards of Change Institute (SOCI) and Co-PI of the National Interoperability Collaborative (NIC) – and Carol Robinson, CEO CedarBridge Group, will lead at HIMSS 19 on Thursday, Feb. 14. This highly interactive session is titled “State Policy Learning Lab - Bridging the Gap: Health IT Policy Strategies to Connect the Spectrum of Care During Emergencies,” and will center on two publications: “In the NIC of Time: Six Domains of Primary Focus for the National Interoperability Collaborative” and “The NIC Opioid Use Prevention Playbook,” which we plan to publish shortly after the HIMSS event. NIC is an initiative of SOCI.

During their session at HIMSS, Daniel and Carol will focus on the challenges and opportunities for enhanced data-sharing and interoperability across the spectrum of care. Members of this NIC Hub group, as well as attendees at the presentation next Thursday, will receive a pre-publication preview of the Opioid Playbook – and the HIMSS attendees will also be urged to join this Hub group for ongoing interaction and communication. This group is where we are posting preview-only versions of the Playbook, and it’s where participants can connect and engage with each other, share your own resources, leave comments, ask questions, make suggestions and … you get the idea.

We look forward to the conversation!

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About the event

State Policy Learning Lab - Bridging the Gap: Health IT Policy Strategies to Connect the Spectrum of Care During Emergencies

Thursday, February 14 | 1:00 – 2:30 PM | Room W310B | Invite only

Join us to share state/local opportunities to influence policy process for improving health outcomes through cross sector data sharing and interoperability during natural disasters and health emergencies.

Co-supported by Stewards of Change Institute and CedarBridge Group.

We are delighted to have two responders who will reflect on the conversation and pose questions and offer their thoughts about how the concepts impact their organizations :

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What the publication "In the NIC of Time: Six Domains of Primary Focus" seeks to accomplish that we believe has not previously been done is to examine the workings of each of six of the primary domains that operate across the spectrum of care (human and social services, public health, public education, public safety, emergency medical services, and health information technology); identify and analyze their successes, problems, commonalities and intersections; and then, based on that learning and additional research by NIC’s leader organizations, help them work more cooperatively and interoperatively to deal with a broad array of issues (such as public health crises).

»» The full document

The National Interoperability Collaborative (NIC) Opioid Use Disorder Prevention Playbook addresses the most-significant public health emergency in modern U.S. history by focusing on an aspect of the epidemic that we believe has received far too little attention: prevention. This collection of ideas, approaches and strategies – or plays – is derived from the growing number of efforts by practitioners, researchers and policy-makers around the country to “get upstream” of this national crisis, in addition to providing treatment and saving lives.

»» The executive summary
»» The plays
»» The full playbook

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  • Hello - we had a (relatively) small but mighty session with terrific discussion and connectivity.  We'll be posting key takeways and notes shortly.

    Here is the presentation by Yvone Huges and Christie Burris from NC:  HIMSS19_PPT_North Carolina .pdf

    Here is SOCI and CedarBridge Groups overview: SOCI and CedarBridge Present.pptx

  • Welcome to the NIC & HIMSS Group. We've set this up so that participants in the State Policy Learning Lab - Bridging the Gap: Health IT Policy Strategies to Connect the Spectrum of Care During Emergencies can access a few documents we'll be referencing (see above).  But more importantly we hope that this group can provide a hub for connecting colleagues after the HIMSS conference who have common interests.  The larger NIC Hub is being developed to facilitate cross domain/sector conversations and promote networking among colleagues.  I hope that you'll stay engaged and spread the word, especially as we identify actionable steps coming out of the learning lab, and other initiatives like our Opioid Use Disorder Prevention initiative.  Please join the conversation - add your questions, comments and resources that you want to share.   See you in Orlando soon



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