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We envision work environments in which 'what can we share' replaces 'that’s not possible' as the prevailing organizational culture.
- SOCI President and Co-PI for NIC, Daniel Stein

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The Opioid Use Disorder Prevention Playbook Has Arrived!

The National Interoperability Collaborative (NIC) is proud to announce a unique new publication that shines a spotlight on the critical role that prevention should play in addressing our nation’s opioid epidemic, including strategies – or “plays” – that communities can replicate or adapt for real-time use. The Opioid Use Disorder Prevention Playbook is derived from the growing number of efforts by practitioners, researchers and policy-makers around the country to “get upstream” of this national crisis, in addition to providing treatment and saving lives.

Check out the playbook. Tell us what you think. Share your plays.

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We developed the NIC Hub to enable you to connect with peers, share information, learn from one another and build an inspiring community that can help improve systems that ultimately enhance people’s lives. Four months ago we launched the Hub and we are already seeing impressive results. We want to continue improving your experience with the Hub, so please take a few minutes to provide your feedback. - SOCI and NIC Online Community Manager, Sondes Ben Chagra

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Wrong link re: HIMSS - try this one https://soundcloud.com/cerner/ep-64-the-cerner-podcast-on-the-&...;
Just listened to a good pod cast summary from HIMSS re 'now and next' regarding AI, ML and NLP

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Just came back from HIMSS. I clocked 15,000 steps each day. Only some talk of SDH - but its starti…