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National Action Agenda to Advance Upstream Social Determinants and Health Equity

December 11 | 12:00pm-4:00pm ET 

On Friday, Dec. 11, SOC Institute, the Stanford University Center for Population Health Sciences and additional organizational collaborators across the country came together for the fourth National Action Agenda to Advance Upstream Social Determinants and Health Equity meeting. Check out the recording below and learn more about this effort! 



NIC Webinar Series

A Webinar on the National Interoperability Collaborative’s 'Project Unify'

November 6 | 12:00pm-1:30pm ET  

125 Joined!

Webinar Resources:

Video Recording


On Friday, Nov. 6, over 125 participants joined our webinar to learn about the progress we’re making on Project Unify, NIC’s proof-of-concept implementation initiative. Members of our Let’s Get Technical group led a conversation and provide an update on Unify, including its integral role in our latest initiative, the National Action Agenda to Advance Upstream Social Determinants and Health Equity.

The webinar presentation, featuring leaders of NIC's Let's Get Technical Team Brian Handspicker and Eric Jahn, charted Project Unify's progress and roadmapped the next several months. Additionally, the LGT team  demonstrated some exciting new developments in connecting multiple systems.  

Mary Kratz, EVP of the Interoperability Institute, wrote the blog we shared before this webinar. Please review this important and insightful contribution to the Project Unify work.

Also, a video recording of the webinar and the slide deck have been shared via the buttons above. 


ITCC Is Live!


NACHC is Accepting Applications!

As part of their RWJF Alignment grant, the research team at NACHC and their partners at AAPCHO are excited to announce the launch of the 2021 Design Sprints: Building Cross-Sector Partnerships to Address SDOH. They're looking for teams of health centers and community partners working on SDOH and equity-based projects to join them for 3-month cohorts to develop their initiatives and strengthen their partnerships. We will be accepting applications until January 22, 2021, and applicants will be notified about selection by February 5, 2021. Learn more >>

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