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Note From SOCI/NIC President
ITCC, a New Training Program for a New Normal

ITCC, a first-of-its-kind education program designed to address the pervasive lack of information-sharing that continues to impede progress toward integrated, person-centered care.

Building an Action Agenda – During the Pandemic – for Systems-Level Change

Karen Smith

Today, NIC’s objective remains the same; that is, to create a National Policy Action Agenda by year’s end designed to improve our nation’s too-siloed health-related systems by meaningfully integrating the Social Determinants of Health and Well-Being (SDOH) into their work. Read the BLOG >>
- SDOH Group Moderator, Karen Smith

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NIC Webinar Series

Launching an Action Agenda to Advance Health Equity

August 14 | 12:00pm-1:00pm ET  Add to Calendar

Daniel Stein, David Rehkopf, Karen SmithSpeakers:

- Daniel Stein | Head of SOCI and NIC
- David Rehkopf | Co-Director of Stanford CPHS
- Karen Smith | Former Director, CDPH

Join the discussion about our new National Action Agenda to Advance Upstream Determinants and Health Equity. This strategic, multi-faceted effort is being shaped by SOCI, NIC, the Stanford University Center for Population Health Sciences (CPHS) and additional collaborators from across the country. Learn more >>

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ITCC Is Live!

The Value of Health Policy

Health systems are ever-changing for different reasons. In the publication titled "The Value of Health Policy" the authors explain how developing and adopting a policy is an approach that can assist in managing these changes.Abstract:Health systems…

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