After so many years of people asking for a better way to connect and share ideas – and to stop reinventing the wheel and making the same mistakes over and over - we launched the NIC Hub for everyone to use!
- SOCI President and Co-PI for NIC, Daniel Stein

As a member of the NIC team, I particularly value the Collaboration Hub because it provides us with regular access to insights and knowledge that we can use to further our mission. That’s what’s most important because, hopefully, improving systems will lead to better lives for the children and families who are the bottom-line beneficiaries of our work. - NIC Coordination and Communications Director, Adam Pertman

Sharing and collaboration can save lives; the NIC Collaboration & Communication Hub breaks down barriers artificially dividing sectors and creates a vibrant community where people who are passionate about improving the health and welfare of others are empowered to work together to do precisely that, in ways transcending what any of us could do alone. - Opioid Epidemic Group Moderator, Joshua C. Rubin, JD, MBA, MPH, MPP

The hub has the potential to ignite ongoing cross sector conversation, information-sharing, and collaboration!
- Social Determinants of Health Group Moderator, Navah Stein

To improve the lives of children and families, professionals need to collaborate and know they are not alone. The NIC HUB, provides professionals the opportunity to form a community of interest that will help children and families in their communities. - NIC California Chapter Lead, Daniel Bach

The NIC Collaboration hub is a place to gather with inspiring leaders and practitioners to share best practices and find solutions to advance person-centered care. I am happy to be a part of this team, and I hope you will join me as we build this online community. - Confidentiality and Privacy Group Moderator, Ivy Pool

What is your purpose? What inspires you?

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  • Living my passion, making the best out of each second of my life, connecting with great minds, and sharing, is my purpose in life. Places like this Hub definitely help me achieve this and more. I can connect with peers, inspire, be inspired, and contribute in improving people’s lives. The NIC Hub is still a new platform, thus I appreciate that the NIC did not go by the motto “If you build it, they will come.” Continually engaging with the Hub members for vital feedback and guidance to keep improving this platform and get it to meet our expectations is one of the many ways to showcase the benefits of sharing!

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