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Since May 2019, every Friday at noon (Eastern), scores of professionals, from across the U.S. and beyond, come together to share knowledge; engage in cross-domain discussions; learn from subject matter experts; and actually collaborate to catalyze change at all levels.

I am proud that the NIC has been able to host so many important webinars and conversations over the past year. This treasure trove of expert content provides a one-stop-shop for the most current information about national efforts to achieve person-centered care and advance interoperability.
- NIC Webinars Host | SOCI President and Co-PI for NIC, Daniel Stein

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53 Webinars | 5.5K+ Participants | 157+ Speakers

Most Recent Webinar

In the NIC of Time: A Webinar on NIC's Project Unify

November 6, 2020 | 12:00pm-1:30pm ET 


  • NIC's Let's Get Technical Group
  • Daniel Stein, President of Stewards of Change Institute


By Year

In the NIC of Time: A Webinar on the National Interoperability Collaborative’s 'Project Unify'

Utilizing Technology to Improve the Courts

Launching an Action Agenda to Advance Health Equity

Daniel Stein

ITCC, A New Training Program for a New Normal

Mariann Yeager

The Sequoia Project: Convening the Nation to Solve Health IT Interoperability

Pierre-Gerlier (PG) Forest & Alfonso Montero

Global Perspectives on Challenges and Opportunities from COVID-19 on Health and Social Care

Dave Walsh & Project Unify Team

Project Unify: Advancing Progress on Building Cross Domain Interoperability Across HHS Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Natalie Evans Harris & Matthew Gee

Responsible Data Sharing During (and After) a Pandemic

Suchitra Iyer, Roland Gamache, Elisabeth Uphoff Kato, and Daniel Stein

Getting Evidence into Practice: Lessons from the Opioid Crisis

Somava Saha

It’s a WIN: A New, Data-Driven Approach for Measuring Well-Being

Patrick Murta & Stephen Konya

Getting There FAST: Barriers and Solutions for Adopting FHIR

 Larra Clark & Kendra Morgan

Call to Action: Public Libraries and the Opioid Crisis

Daniel Stein

Collaborating to Deal with Today – While Preparing for Tomorrow

Tiffany Manuel

Using Data to Improve Population Health – Without Reinforcing Stereotypes and Biases

Karen Smith

The Coronavirus: An Unfolding Case Study on the Need for a Public Health SDOH Agenda

Natalie Evans Harris & David Goodman

Addressing Data Collaboration Challenges

Daniel Heimpel & Adam Pertman

Child Welfare in 2020: What’s Coming Up and Why Information-Sharing Matters

Scott Renner

NIEM Fundamentals

Ryan Howells

The Impact of Public and Private Healthcare Innovations

Project Unify Team

Developing Person Matching and Identity Authentication Approaches

Project Unify Team

Creating a Path for Interoperability Between the Health (FHIR) and Human Services (NIEM) domains

Andy Krackov

Transforming Your Data into Impact

Robert Tagalicod

An overview of National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) and the Proposed New Health Domain

Cait Ryan, Karen Smith, Dave Walsh and Daniel Stein

Join Us as We Kick Off The 2020 NIC of Time Webinar Series

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