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Since May 2019, every Friday at noon (Eastern), scores of professionals, from across the U.S. and beyond, come together to share knowledge; engage in cross-domain discussions; learn from subject matter experts; and actually collaborate to catalyze change at all levels.

I am proud that the NIC has been able to host so many important webinars and conversations over the past year. This treasure trove of expert content provides a one-stop-shop for the most current information about national efforts to achieve person-centered care and advance interoperability.
- NIC Webinars Host | SOCI President and Co-PI for NIC, Daniel Stein

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53 Webinars | 5.5K+ Participants | 157+ Speakers

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"Thank you for this webinar, very informative!" - Juliet Gerstenfeld
"Thank you for the great presentation" - Shabnam Seyedzadeh Sabounchi
"Very informative!" - Kevin Osgood
"Thanks for the informative presentation!" - Cole Stanley
"Thank you Dr. Manuel. Very informative. Thank you Daniel and SOC." - Marta Kuperwasser
"They have met my expectations!"
- Anonymous (Survey)

"I like the polls." - Anonymous (Survey)
"I like the polls and interactive questions asking in the chat box. I am not much on asking questions, but I do learn from others who ask questions." - Anonymous (Survey)

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