I signed up for the Hub. When will I be able to post content or comments?

Thank you for registering. When you sign up, a confirmation message is sent to your email address. Check your spam folder if you do not see it. You will receive another email within 24 hours of signing up, and once your membership request is reviewed and approved. In the meantime, you can view the public content of the Hub.

Why is my post not featured on the Hub’s home page?

Content published on the Hub shows under appropriate tabs (Forum, Groups, Blog, Photos, Videos, Articles, Events, and Polls). Only posts tagged as 'featured' will show on the Hub’s home page. Objective and subjective criteria are used to decide which posts will be featured. It is at the discretion of the Hub’s administrator.

I have a piece of content that I want to post on the hub. How do I decide under which tab I should publish?

  • Forum: The content aims to spur discussion around a topic, a question or a document.
  • Blog: The content is a commentary of various sorts, such as an opinion, presentation of a research result, etc. Maximum length is 1,000 words.
  • Projects: The content is a completed or a new/ongoing project. 
  • Photos or Videos: The photo or the video is the primary focus of the posting.
  • Articles: The content is more of a news piece or a report.
  • Events: Announcements of upcoming events or materials from a past event.
  • Resources: The content is a publication, a research, and any document.
  • Groups: If the content falls under one of the tabs explained above, and it also relates to a group, you can also publish it under the related tab in the group. To be able to publish content in a particular group, you need to be a member of it.

If you are still unsure where your content could fit in the Hub, you may reach out to us through this form.

Can I send you my content for you to publish on the Hub?

The Hub is a collaboration platform that enables you to directly connect with fellow members, showcase your knowledge/ideas/projects, exchange information with peers, expand your network, and more. Once you publish your content, you will be able to edit it, manage it, and invite others to engage on it. Last but not least, being active on the Hub will earn you a badge that will be attached to your thumbnail – we all like badges – right? – and you’ll become one of the 'priority guests' who will be invited to participate in our invitation-only events.

Do I have to reply to each comment made on my publication?

If the comment is addressed to you personally, of course, it is always best to respond. But it is ultimately your choice as to which and how many comments you reply to. The audience targeted by your content may also respond to other members' comments. The idea is to encourage your followers, acknowledge them, and reward their efforts with your replies. Your approach depends on what you want to achieve.

Why am I unable to send messages to some members?

You can only send messages to members you are friends with. You may ask any member to become a friend in the Hub. To friend a member, visit his/her profile page and click on the button. You can also check who your friends are under 'My Page' and 'Friends' tabs.

Why am I unable to invite a member to engage on a publication?

There are two ways to invite more people to join your discussion. You may start by typing someone’s name and, if the person is already a Hub member, his/her full name and thumbnail will appear. If nothing triggers, then there is no Hub member by that name. If you want to invite someone who is not yet registered in the Hub, you need to enter that person’s email address. People you identify will receive an email from you inviting them to join the discussion.

How can I report an issue (adult/abusive content, a bug, a fraud, a spam, etc.), and/or ask a question that I am not seeing an answer to in these FAQs?

You need to make sure that you are signed in to the hub. Then you can report the issue, and/or ask a question by filling out this form.