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This group focuses on the role of prevention in addressing the most-devastating public health emergency in modern U.S. history. In particular, we are inviting comments and conversations about the NIC Opioid Use Disorder Prevention Playbook, including submissions of additional content for this unique new publication. This is the place to find resources, share information and learn from each other across the multiple domains that are impacted by the opioid crisis – and to contribute to upstream solutions. Please join us by sharing your ideas, your needs, your plans and your work.

The NIC Playbook 

The NIC Playbook shines a spotlight on the critical role that prevention should play in addressing our nation’s opioid epidemic, including strategies – or “plays” – that communities can replicate or adapt for real-time use.

The Opioid Use Disorder Prevention Playbook is derived from the growing number of efforts by practitioners, researchers and policy-makers around the country to “get upstream” of this national crisis, in addition to providing treatment and saving lives.

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The opioid epidemic is a human-created, Kafkaesque nightmare. Combatting this crisis requires unprecedented, multi-stakeholder, cross-sector and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Sharing data is just the beginning; together, we must seek truth, mobilize actionable knowledge, implement what works and do what is right. Our collective work must be supported by the four pillars of community, collaboration, caring and commitment. We share an imperative to eradicate this epidemic, as well as to never let anything like this crisis happen again to our families, our friends, our communities and our nation.
- Opioid Prevention Group Moderator, Joshua C. Rubin


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