National Action Agenda Symposium

National Action Agenda Symposium to Advance Upstream Social Determinants and Health Equity

Almost 200 people attended our National Action Agenda Symposium on January 25-26. Its focus included the six action recommendations devised by subject matter experts nationwide during the past year, along with a preview of how work will begin at our first implementation site in the months ahead.

The agenda was chock-full of important sessions led by world-class presenters, with a high level of engagement by attendees over the event's two days. Please take a look at the "flipbook" program, speaker bios, action recommendations, recordings, and other information from this unique, interactive event. 

Coming out of the NAA, SOC Institute will be focusing on implementation of two of those recommendations with the Integrated Care for Kids project in New Jersey. We are working with InCK to implement Project Unify (described above) and to develop a “Consent to Share Utility.” C2SU’s intent is to simplify and automate the process by which people give (or don’t give) their approval for the exchange of their sensitive or personal information in the health, mental health and education domains, among others.

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Symposium Resources

January 25, 2021 Symposium Materials

  • Welcome and Overview: Where are we now and where we are headed? - View the Slides >>
  • Shovel Ready: Implementing the NAA Action Recommendations and Project Unify - View the Slides >>
  • Let's Get Technical: A Deeper Dive into Project Unify and Data Integration - View the Slides >>
  • Courting Equity: Using Technology to Improve Access to the Civil Justice System - View the Slides >>
  • From Research to Reality: What we Know (and Don't) about the Social Determinants - View the Slides >>
  • Driving Systems-Level Change: What Matters Most Now and into the Future - View the Slides >>


January 26, 2021 Symposium Materials 

  • Welcome and Orientation to Day 2 and Change at Scale: Research, Social Determinants and Interoperability Converge at the VA - View the Slides >>
  • A New Service Utility: Governance & Consent Management for Integrated, Person-Centered Care - View the Slides >>
  • Beyond the Doctor's Office: Housing is Healthcare - View the Slides >>
  • Lessons from Abroad: Care Coordination Across Sectors - View the Slides >>
  • A Key to Accelerating Change: Leveraging the Power of Collaboration -  View the Slides >>

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  • One resource to check out is ProInspire-Equity-in-Center.  We were introduced to them through our Kresge partners a few years ago and were thinking hard about equity issues. 

  • I'm not aware personally of such a survey, but it sounds like there ought be one.  We can ask some other folks and see what we find out. 

    • Thank you so much!

  • Hello! I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good survey that evaluates partnerships for racial equity/racial justice. I'm working with a local health department and we want to survey staff on the partnerships that they have, especially with community-based organizations, and whether those partnerships improve racial equity. We want to know if engagement processes and practices go beyond just community feedback and proactively enhance representation and voice for racial minorities. Thanks for considering!-- Anne

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