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The value of NIEM lies in its ability to exchange information across multiple domains and platforms. That kind of health interoperability has the potential to save lives. The nation has made great progress in EHR and PHR implementations, but there is a world outside of traditional clinical to clinical transactions (hospitals, doctors offices, walk-in clinics, etc.) that is often ignored. What happens when we’ve involved police, firefighters and ambulances? What about triaging patients after a natural disaster? How about exchanging opioid information with a judge? These “Edge Case” scenarios highlight a systematic breakdown in the ability for patient health information to be exchanged to the end user, and it isn’t practical to assume that these endpoints will be able to afford traditional health exchange systems and servers for these types of transactions…that is where the value of NIEM for Health information exchange is proven.

This group will evaluate “Edge Case” scenarios related to health, largely focused on Social Determinants of Health and the Opioid Epidemic. These cross-domain scenarios will be critical to the nation’s public health and safety. We will use this forum to identify, prioritize and then work through the details of these use cases to understand where NIEM can be of most help.

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In my time as the Project Manager for the NIEM Health Community of Interest I came to realize the important distinction that NIEM is not another standard to add to a growing list, rather it provides a standard methodology for defining an exchange. Applying the NIEM method to health exchanges will break barriers and enable cross-domain health information sharing. Thank you for your interest, I look forward to exploring these possibilities with you and develop a better understanding of how NIEM may be leveraged to save the lives of our citizens.
- NIEM Group Moderator, Cait Ryan

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NIEM is a common vocabulary that enables efficient information exchange across diverse public and private organizations. NIEM can save time and money by providing consistent, reusable data terms and definitions, and repeatable processes. https://www.niem.gov/

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  • I'm really looking forward to Friday's call.  We'll be hearing about the new NIEM Health Domain and plan to discuss how it intersects with HL7/FHIR - and how it will be integrated into the Project Unify Proof of Concept.  

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