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  • To help spur discussion, the following is a slightly updated copy of the evolving NIEM Health and Human Services Requirements Terminology glossary:

    Scenario: A scenario is a broadly defined situation which merits a response in favor of the public good and which may involve multiple users, user-stories, use-cases, actors, etc. (e.g. "Bomb on a Boat", "Ebola on a Plane", "Substance-Abuse Driven Foster Care", etc. scenarios.)

    User: A user is an archetypal participant within a scenario. The user may represent an individual, group, or organization involved in the scenario. The user may represent one or more actors of a use-case.

    User-Story: A user-story is a prose exploration of the experiences of  one or more archetypal participants (user) within a scenario. The user-story explores the scenario from the specific perspective of the user. The user-story may involve one or many use-cases.  

     Use-Case: A use-case is one or more steps taken to, hopefully successfully, resolve a scenario. A use-case is often triggered by a specific event which results in a specific actor to pursue a specific action in hopes of achieving a desired result. [Note: we are using the software engineering definition of the term “use-case”. The systems engineering definition of use-case is broader, covering for example an overall mission and thus more akin to our use of the term scenario.]

    Use-Case Event: A use-case event is a situation, milestone, metric, etc. which occurs during a scenario to trigger a use-case designed to resolve some or all of the issues associated with the scenario.

    Use-Case Actor: A use-case actor is an individual, or group of individuals, or an organization tasked with performing the use-case action in hopes of achieving a positive use-case result.

    Use-Case Action: A use-case action is the step or set of steps that an actor must perform in hopes of achieving a positive use-case result.

    Use-Case Result: A use-case result is the consequence of an actor performing an action in response to an event as part of resolution of a scenario.

    Requirement: A requirement is a singular documented physical or functional need that a particular design, product or process aims to satisfy. A requirement may be associated with a specific scenario, user-story, or a use-case, or an entire system designed to meet a broader set of needs than just one scenario or use-case.

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