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  • Hello Ivan,

    Welcome to NIC’s Collaboration Hub! Thank you for joining the Social Determinants of Health group. I look forward to your participation and encourage you to post on the group (start discussions, respond to discussions and questions, post content: papers, blogs, videos etc.) Feel free to post your expectations as a member of NIC. What are you working on that is relevant to this particular group? What interests you the most?


    Navah Stein Social Determinants of Health Group Moderator, Associate Consultant SOCI

  • Hey Daniel.  Haven't seen much activity here, which is why I've been absent.  But, given the current administration, I've found it more productive to work on other projects that don't depend on interactions with the feds.  Take care and good luck.

  • Hi Ivan - it's been awhile since we've talked.  Hope you are doing well.  I'd love your participation on the Hub.  Check out our new group "Let's Get Technical" - launched is softly at our San Diego Summit a few weeks back. 


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