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Shared use agreements—also known as joint use agreementsmemoranda of understanding, and contracts—allow public and private property owners to broaden access to their underutilized facilities for community use. Shared use agreements can be used in a wide range of settings. They can involve a variety of partners and achieve goals that are unique to a particular community or locale. As a widely promoted strategy to create opportunities for physical activity, shared use is particularly useful for cities and towns that want more park spaces. Shared use agreements are not a substitute for adequate public infrastructure investments, but they can be an important component of larger initiatives to promote healthy living and advance health equity.

ChangeLab Solutions developed the Shared Use Playbook for public health advocates, community leaders, and local government officials who want to learn more about implementing shared use agreements. This new playbook compiles many of our tools and resources for formalizing shared use agreements into one comprehensive guide. 


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