Learning and sharing

Learning and sharing

New as I am to the NIC community, I have had a little time to reflect on the commonalities on consent application across the globe. Across the pond in the UK we often pursued a path which we felt was unique and uncharted. It is clear to me, however, that the reality of consent transcends many international boundaries. The requirement for a granular unified approach, with the individual at the centre to improve outcomes for those who need it most is key to the principles of best practice and safeguarding we apply across the pond, and wrestled with for so many years to bring into practice. 

Building interoperability into systems and processes in diverse environments and cultures which would benefit so much from closer alignment remains a challenge not only in thinking and technology, but also in law and in fact.

I can only hope that some of the formative work which is now embedded in our UK information sharing frameworks, especially for the safeguarding of children, can help to support the outstanding work which is being undertaken on such a large scale in the US and beyond.

I look forward to seeing you all again at the next meeting, where I shall continue to stay awake and take notes!

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David is currently engaged as CEO of CyberSentrix - a non-profit cyber-security organisation which is a partner of Scottish Government. On a day-to-day basis he operates as Chief Information Security Officer and advisor to Higher and Further Education establishments across the UK, particularly in his homeland of Scotland. Historically, David has operated as a consultant, CISO and C-Level executive at the technical and governance edge of education, child and adult protection. In direct relation to consent, David was the senior responsible officer for information sharing for 13 years working for the public sector and Scottish Government in introducing the GIRFEC (Getting it Right for Every Child) consent and interoperability frameworks and the eCare/C-me secure information sharing system. Additional roles in support of technical and practical application of consent and information sharing include 5 years as chair of the National Best Practice Forum and National Information Sharing Governance Group.

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