Read the full report @ A Stakeholder-driven Action Plan for Improving Pain Management, Opioid Use, and Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Through Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support

The Opioid Action Plan Working Group focused its efforts in 2018 to produce an Opioid Action Plan (OAP) to articulate and begin advancing progress toward a shared vision for applying Patient-centered clinical decision support (PCCDS) more broadly and effectively to address the opioid misuse crisis. This initiative sought to synthesize a shared future vision—across diverse and influential stakeholders with a stated commitment to enhancing care processes and tools—to accelerate valuable PCCDS development and use for opioid-related care. In addition to creating a future vision, this report outlines key actions that stakeholders can take to support millions of patients and their care teams through the better care envisioned.

Their goal, "By 2021, trigger OAP-driven support for two million people—and care teams that serve them—in improving pain management, opioid use and OUD treatment via PCCDS interventions."


Now the question is, how do we continue the work they have laid out and actually IMPLEMENT the research and collaborations they have developed? How to keep it funded and in turn, ACTIONABLE?



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