We’ve been hearing about innovative approaches that have been used to scale, replicate and/or sustain change in complex health and human service organizations. Based on what you’ve heard, and your own experience, consider specific ways you can use the approaches to nudge your own organization forward, so it focuses more time and attention upstream to prevent harm and improve outcomes. Factor in the appropriate roles of state, local and community-based agencies/organizations that can support or lead change. What are the key opportunities to leverage and hurdles to overcome?

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  • I believe that data and analytics can be used to prevent exposure to causal factors that lead to diversion and addiction.   I would be interested in collaborating with those who are interested

  • This topic was addressed by three senior leaders from CA, VA and CT during the Tuesday morning "View from the Top" panel, moderated by Jess Kahn.  Lots of good advise provided and captured in the graphic murals that can be found in 'events'.  (the current murals will be replaced by our high resolution versions shortly, but you can see the main points).   Other ideas and suggestions for sustaining change efforts are welcome and will be a topic for the NE group and others. 

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