• The NGA created a page with a lot of update information about global, national and statewide changes in the coronavirus pandemic that you may find useful. Check out the discussion and resource here >>


    Do you mean incorporate the special announcement on the hub ?


    NGA, Coronavirus: What you need to know
    The National Governor's Association (NGA) has put together a resource that shares information about the coronavirus on a glboal, national and state l…
    • Navah, perfect example. NGA has some great information. However, there are so many, many organizations that are supporting together the nation in this crisis. NGA is a great aggregate, but pointers to other national agency (YMCA, CCAoA, etc.) would be so helpful. This way, NGA wouldn't have to keep up with all of the data. Does NGA have any interoperability for just data at this point?

      • here is the site

        I am not sure who they are directly collaborating with, but they share a multitude of resources. 

        Answers to common questions about the coronavirus and links to resources.
        • Yes, case in point. About a quarter of the way down they have a US map of cases. If you click on that, it takes you to the CDC web site. NGA is duplicating the data from the CDC. What I'm wondering is, does anyone know what interoperability is happening between this two orgs? Is NGA able to real-time capture automatically between the two or is their a human running the sync?

          And then, the Johns Hopkins map appears to be more current (showing 16k confirmed and 210 deaths)

          Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center
          Johns Hopkins experts in global public health, infectious disease, and emergency preparedness have been at the forefront of the international respons…
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