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I haven't had a chance to introduce myself as these past few months have been a bit chaotic for me. I've been in healthcare for over a decade ( 7 years in med device) with the last 5 years being in interop. The thing I've learned is that interop is a niche area of HIT. For some it's a buzz word, others it is a pain, and there's the group of people that see it being a major factor in how patients are treated at the end of the day. I fell into interop by accident but loved it the moment I realized the power it has to transform. 


While this only happened a year and a half ago, I will say it further charged my passion for interop and why it is so desperately needed. Here's one of my why's....



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  • Welcome to your new "interoperability home".  Lots going on. thanks for contributing.  What's your highest prioirty now? 

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