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National Drug Control Strategy

The drug crisis our country faces today is unprecedented. It has evolved over the past several decades and has steadily worsened with time. Every state and county, and every socioeconomic group in our country, is directly affected by the negative consequences of illicit drug use. However, today we can see American ingenuity across the Nation, sparked by the commitment to save lives, at work to establish lasting solutions to this monumental problem. Law enforcement and public health innovators working side-by-side at the local level, assisted and inspired by families who have lost loved ones to the scourge of drug use, resourced by government agencies at every level working with private sector partners, are already making a difference. This National Drug Control Strategy, the Trump Administration’s first, establishes the President’s priorities for addressing the challenge of drug trafficking and use, now and in coming years. It also provides the strategic direction necessary for the Federal government to prevent initiates to drug use through education and evidence-based prevention, provide treatment for those suffering from the disease of addiction so they can reach long-term recovery, and reduce the availability of these dangerous drugs in every American community...


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