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ACF Memo: ACYF-CB-IM-21-02

TO: State, Tribal, and Territorial Agencies Administering or Supervising the ACF grants and programs.

SUBJECT: Civil Legal Advocacy to Promote Child and FamilyWell-being, Address the Social Determinants of Health, and Enhance Community Resilience

PURPOSE: The purpose of this information memorandum (IM) is to highlight the importance of civil legal advocacy in advancing child and family well-being; addressing the social determinants of health; enhancing community resiliency; and to strongly encourage state, territorial, and tribal human services entities to work together to support access to civil legal advocacy.

INFORMATION: This IM emphasizes the importance of civil legal advocacy in advancing the well-being of children and families and maximizing the impact of the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) administered programs and grants that serve children, families, and individuals. This memorandum identifies the various means of funding civil legal advocacy; highlights models and partnership approaches to providing civil legal advocacy; and emphasizes the value of civil legal advocacy as a proactive, preventive, and restorative support to families and children.

ACF and its component offices and bureaus1 speak in unison strongly encouraging all jurisdictions to work together to ensure that families have access to high-quality, civil legal advocacy.

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