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This is one in a series of papers that are being published as a result of the Executive Session on Community Corrections (2013-2017). The Executive Sessions at Harvard Kennedy School bring together individuals of independent standing who take joint responsibility for rethinking and improving society’s responses to an issue. Members are selected based on their experiences, their reputation for thoughtfulness, and their potential for helping to disseminate the work of the Session. Members of the Executive Session on Community Corrections came together with the aim of developing a new paradigm for correctional policy at a historic time for criminal justice reform. The Executive Session worked to explore the role of community corrections and communities in the interest of justice and public safety.

At the intersection of public safety and public health lies the potential to view crime prevention through a new lens: the lens provided by analyzing integrated data from the many agencies that serve vulnerable populations. This study involved the integration of health care and criminal justice data for people who cycle in and out of hospitals and police precincts in Camden, New Jersey. Working pursuant to a grant from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, researchers from the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers (the Coalition) integrated existing data sets to break down traditional information silos, identifying and analyzing the experiences of people who showed an extreme number of contacts with both systems. Read More >>

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