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Laurel, MD




Global Manager; State/Provincial Government Industry Solutions

What are your domains of INTEREST?

Human Services, Public Health

What are your domains of EXPERTISE?

Human Services, Public Health, Health Information Technology

Do you have any OTHER domains of expertise?

Opioid prevention, open data portals, geospatial applications, mapping

Share with us a short bio of yourself.

As Esri’s State/Provincial Government Industry Solutions Manager, I focus on developing tools and solutions that address the administrative functions of policy, elections, redistricting, and government business process. I am passionate about helping governments gain the greatest value from the data they generate. Prior to joining Esri in 1997, he worked at the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, the seventh largest public water and wastewater utility in the US, where he developed and implemented GIS, computer aided drafting and design, and document imaging technologies.

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