Phoenix, AZ

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Human Services, Education, Public Health, Public Safety, Health Information Technology, Emergency Services

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Digital Behavioral Design

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Public Safety, Health Information Technology

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Sean Gunderson is actively innovating at the intersection of the Justice, Health, and Social domains.  Sean is launching an effort to create a living document that focuses on Interoperability Intersection of the Justice, Health, and Social domains.   Sean is currently consulting and volunteering with organizations that are committed to creating value for all participants in the justice, health, and social domains.

Sean Gunderson founded iTether Technologies, a digital health company, located in Phoenix, Arizona, that has developed an innovative behavioral change platform with a focus on improving quality of care through the delivery of digital treatment for clients/patients and the collection of evidence-based outcomes for service provider organizations in the addiction recovery, behavioral health, and community corrections domains. For Healthcare Providers, iTether is the Patient Engagement Platform that provides real-time patient activation in their treatment plan. We deliver a dynamic digital treatment plan that drives patient activation. Recovery happens everywhere, not just in a clinic. At iTether, we have the triple aim of improving the quality of care, driving down the cost of care, and delivering care to a larger population. A focus on quality, cost, and patient outcomes–across the entire care continuum are more important than ever. Sean has a twenty-year track record of creating business value through the management and application of technology and business intelligence solutions for national and international organizations and has completed multi-million-dollar business development projects from the vision stage through business implementation, sales cycle, and operation for national and international firms.

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