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Human Services, Education, Health Information Technology, Emergency Services

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Human Services, Education, Public Health, Health Information Technology, Emergency Services

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I have been an active participant of your work groups but would like to become a contributor. My familiarity with Health Information Management systems (example EHRs) spans 19 plus years including multiple capacities ranging from unit secretary to medical technician under a hybrid work-study program. My experience with technical planning, data migration and system architecture goes back more than 9 years, during the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandated health IT system upgrades to certified Electronic Health Records (EHRs) when meaningful use data analytics were essential in receiving re-imbursement for EHR upgrades. As a private sector consultant, I have been actively engaged in integrating technology companies as they venture into healthcare. I have worked at different technical levels, from network topology to guiding development of customized HL7 FHIR architecture through the interoperability paradigm moving into the future state of use cases for Clinical Decision Support (CDS). This includes telehealth companies which had advanced mobile platforms but since not being based in the US, needed to meet patient privacy and security regulatory compliance (case study available if needed). An essential component of Patient information security is implementation of the NIST 800 series (especially 53) cybersecurity controls. These apply not only to the information management system (EHR) extending to each workstation, and every biomedical device connected but also embracing the vulnerabilities introduced by connecting to Health Information exchanges as discussed in the ONC Health IT standards of operations. In providing an overall system architecture, my role is to oversee team members that define customized firewall and security appliances’ rules (and intervene if needed), this includes defining and maintaining our own ports protocols and services. For most federal clients, I have dedicated resources that go beyond our SOC/NOC or JCOIC coordinator for our RMF. These personnel ensure the physical security protocols of buildings that house sensitive data, hosting servers and other appliances. This extends to biometric Identification Access systems which define physical access levels based on recommendations by GSA. I want to part of something bigger that not only uses my skill set acquired over years of academia and experience, but also my deeper understanding of Healthcare operations at an enterprise level, to be a trusted resource over a spectrum of governance, strategic, technical and clinical specialties. Please feel free to reach out for any questions or concerns.

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