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About: In partnership with the National Governors’ Association and Milbank Memorial Fund, the Center for Evidence-based Policy at Oregon Health & Science University (The Center) created CLOUD: Curated Library about Opioid Use for Decision-makers. With grant funding from the Consumer and Prescriber Education Grant Program (CPGP) that was established through a 50-state attorney general consumer protection settlement, the Center was tasked with creating a carefully curated, consumer friendly, accessible library of high-quality, evidence-based resources on opioid issues with 3 target audiences in mind who are on the front lines of combating the opioid crisis:

  • State and local policymakers and non-profit community organizations working in public health and addiction-related issues
  • Health system and third-party payer executives and medical providers
  • Consumers of opioids and their caregivers

Center staff is responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the online library including the curation and preparation of materials. An advisory committee comprised of numerous national nonprofit stakeholder groups representing the three target audiences assists the Center with dissemination efforts and provides general guidance on how to ensure the library is meeting its goals of providing actionable resources for combating the opioid crisis.


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