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Those who suffer from opioid use disorder and have been incarcerated are more likely to die of an overdose after being released than the general public. There are evidence-based medications that exist that can help those with opiod use disorder and the use of these medications can be implemented within jails and prisons. The National Council recently released a toolkit to help jails and prisons implement the use of medications that are proven to help those who are incarerated and suffer from opioid use disorder.

The toolkit includes: 

  • Guidance from relevant professional associations.
  • Screening and assessment tools.
  • Strategies to reduce medication diversion.
  • A table to help estimate the total MAT patient population.
  • A calculator to estimate the costs of providing buprenorphine.
  • A flowchart on how to become an opioid treatment program.
  • A list of no-cost training resources.
  • Sample forms for patient information and consent.
  • Sample policies and operating procedures.
  • Sample monitoring and evaluation metrics.

Review the full toolkit >>

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