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This paper explains the Commission, the foundational white papers, defines terms, describes the Commission approach, and outlines the guiding principles of a modern, equity-oriented public health data system and what that system does. This includes a brief summary of past and present data modernization initiatives.

This paper focuses on the philosophy around equity and what equity means in the context of the entire objective of the transformed public health data system. This paper explores issues of voice, power, use of data, and so forth in the context of equity orientation.

This paper focuses on the content of the data—what the United States is tracking (objectives, measure areas), what type of data should the nation track, how should the United States handle new types of data and new volumes and varieties of data, and so forth.

This paper focuses on the system infrastructure including governance, legal and privacy issues, operability, coordination, data stewardship, ethics and so forth that guides the modern public health data system.

This paper includes nods to the sector contributions needed to transform the public health data system. What needs to happen now with the chance of sustainability? What might be risks to transformation?

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