A Symposium in the NIC of Time: Moving Upstream to Improve Health and Well-Being

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Unique New England Event Will Highlight Benefits of Embedding and Broadening Information-Sharing, Collaboration and the Social Determinants in Our Everyday Work





About the Event


The symposium “faculty” includes prominent leaders in the field:

    • Connecticut DSS Commissioner Rod Bremby
    • California HHS Secretary Michael Wilkening
    • Former Virginia Health and Human Resources Secretary Bill Hazel, MD
    • Jessica Kahn, Senior Expert, McKinsey & Co
    • John Ohanian, CEO, 2-1-1 San Diego
    • William York, Executive Vice President, 2-1-1 San Diego
    • Rhea Boyd, MD, director, Equity and Justice for Children's Trust
    • Ken Kaplan, Senior Health Systems Advisor, MIT
    • Federal ACF officials leading the agency’s new Interoperability Action Plan

Key Presentations include:

  • The View from the Top. Senior leaders in the field discuss what innovations and changes are needed to integrate the Social Determinants into HHS ecosystems.
  • Reality on the Ground. From a practice perspective, how design thinking, technology and predictive analytics are advancing innovation and whole-person care.
  • Health Equity and Intrinsic Bias. A provocative examination of the impact on shaping solutions, and on outcomes, when the underlying research isn’t impartial.

The National Interoperability Collaborative (NIC) held a unique, highly interactive symposium on Nov. 26-28, 2018, in Avon, CT. This invitation-only event did provide a singular opportunity for participants to focus on concrete, actionable ways in which information-sharing, integration, interoperability and cross-systems approaches can – and do – enhance the delivery and effectiveness of health and human services for people of all ages, especially the least-served and most vulnerable among us.

“A Symposium in the NIC of Time: Moving Upstream to Improve Health and Well-Being” did convene a select group of senior officials from the public and private sectors, thought leaders, luminaries and subject-matter experts from New England and other parts of the country where NIC is currently working. Additional participants include NIC's partners, including federal agencies, academia, associations, industry and other organizations.

Information at the event were shared through diverse presentation formats and interactive activities to engage participants in meaningful discussion, ideation and planning. Key topics for discussion include:

  • Early childhood programs integrating health and human services intervention
  • Prevention models in child welfare that reduce opioid use disorder and addiction
  • Upstream strategies that integrate two-generation models and the social determinants of health and well-being by leveraging existing and new technology

The event was organized by NIC and the New England States Consortium Systems Organization, with the support of the Kresge Foundation, IBM, the Connecticut Department of Social Services, the New England Association of Child Welfare Commissioners and Directors, the Milbank Memorial Fund and others. 

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  • Since one of the goals of NIC is to promote greater information-sharing and collaboration, I'm curious, with whom did you connect at the Symposium? Do you plan to reach out to someone you met to learn more about their work?   

  • My deepest thanks to all who participated in the New England Symposium this week.  It was very gratifying and encouraging to work with everyone to advance data sharing in a more equitable, ethical and effective manner.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone on line soon, and continuing our dicussions in the near future.  

  • What specific activities or resources could the NIC provide that would offer real value and be most engaging for your organization New England state (e.g. networking, discussion forums, best practice examples, in-person meetings, webinars, education trainings, etc.?)

  • Identify specific challenge(s) that you believe the NIC may encounter that could slow down or impede its progress; i.e. are there any icebergs ahead that we need to be aware of in NE or elsewhere?

  •  Key takeaways from day 2






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  • CIE, an ecosystem shifting how health and social service providers deliver person-centered care.

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