Description: In 2017, there were over 70,000 deaths related to the opioid epidemic. Payers, providers, and substance use disorder advocacy organizations across the country have focused on reversing this epidemic and saving lives of individuals with opioid use disorder (OUD) through greater access to residential and evidence-based treatment services. This need to address rising opioid addiction-related incidences has led to the creation of innovative practices and an addiction treatment rating system.

In this webinar, hear from Gary Mendell, President and CEO of Shatterproof, a national non-profit advocacy organization currently working with payers to improve access to evidence-based treatment and end the devastating impact addiction causes for families. Mr. Mendell founded Shatterproof to spare other families the tragedy his had experienced. Shatterproof is currently piloting a rating system, The Shatterproof Rating System, for addiction treatment programs with payers to help identify programs offering proven, evidence-based treatment practices. They are actively working with payers to reduce barriers to access to treatment, recognizing that only 1 in 10 individuals with substance use disorders gets any form of treatment and most of the time, the treatment is not based on experimental research.

George Kolodner is President and Founder of Kolmac Outpatient Recovery Centers, a drug and alcohol treatment center specializing on outpatient, evidence-based treatment. Dr. Kolodner also serves as a highly effective agent in intensive outpatient treatment, designing the first intensive outpatient program (IOP) in the United States in 1973. Dr. Kolodner will discuss how Kolmac Outpatient Recovery Centers has worked with payer organizations to expand access to effective treatment. Kolmac’s approach is measurement-based, holistic, and personalized. Viewing addiction as a chronic disease, Kolmac takes a long-term approach to care meeting patients where they are at in the real world. Clinicians at Kolmac work with patients to tackle challenges as they arise in everyday life fostering healthy approaches to deal with problems both large and small. They have been active for over 45 years and have treated more than 30,000 patients to date.

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