(COVID‑19) County Response Efforts & Priorities

Local health departments are working to protect public health by communicating with transportation officials, educating health care providers and communicating to the public best practices to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.  What can we learn and improve, dissecting efforts may lead to a more enriched conversation on integration and shared data.  Read more at: https://www.naco.org/resources/featured/coronavirus-disease-2019#link-0


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  • I think there are a lot of counties taking matters into their own hands as some state governments are refusing to make additional efforts to contain the coronavirus. I think what we need to pay attention to right now is our rural areas. There are many of these small town areas that haven't had to deal with this pandemic yet but we are learning that no community is safe. This is being dealt with across small towns in Georgia right now where rural hospitals are already at capacity. I just wonder if the local health departments in these rural areas can learn and improve on how they serve their communities. It might be a good start for them to review what other local health departments have done. 

    Georgia's rural hospitals were already strained. Then coronavirus came
    Seven hospitals closed across the southern US state last year, leaving scores without access and one five-county area with just 50 ICU beds
  • NASCIO published some guidence for CIO's.  They try to address:

    • What is the role of the state chief information officer (CIO) in coordinating a response with the Governor’s office and other state agencies?
    • What is the role of the state CIO when planning for reduced staff?
    • What are the critical issues that need to be prioritized to ensure continuity of operations for your organization?
    • What are challenges related to expanded remote access for employees?
    • What are the potential cybersecurity risks?
    • How does the current circumstance impact the current project portfolio?

    See the document here

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