We all know that the opioid crisis is having a profound, negative impact on individuals, families and communities across our country every day. So it’s essential that we discuss and understand the statistics, research, causes, policy and practice responses, and other facets of this devastating, complex problem. Too often, however, I think we don’t focus sufficiently on the epidemic’s insidious, multi-generational, highly personal human toll. So one way we’re going to use the Opioid Group on the NIC Hub is to tell stories. Stories that provide insights. That add texture. That, hopefully, reinforce our resolve to do more by bringing our hearts as well as our minds into the conversation.

Here’s one for starters from the New York Times. It’s titled “Become My Mom Again: What It’s Like to Grow Up Amid the Opioid Crisis” (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/31/us/opioid-children-addiction.html). Please take a look, then come back to the Hub to leave a comment. Better yet, also contribute a story . . . and then another . . . and, every now and then, one more. They can come from wherever – a newspaper, the internet or your own life. Whether you want to share a project, discuss an idea or tell a story, as NIC Communications Director, I invite you to join the Opioid Group (https://hub.nic-us.org/groups/opioid-epidemic) and get engaged.  

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  • This is great Adam! I was just coming to the hub to share the Times article from today on how school districts have become the front line in mitigating the adverse impacts of the opioid crisis for the children of addicts: https://nyti.ms/2X5cZG7. I challenge anyone to read this article and not cry. I am heartbroken, and resolved. We must do right by these kids!

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