A paradigm shift in information systems is underway. Paradigm is a big word, and often misused. (Drama for advertising purposes.) But this one is real. In the coming years there's going to be a fundamental change in how people think about information systems, how they design them, and what the systems can do. It will transform how the human service sector manages its information. This second stage of the Human Service Informatics blog will explore how. Blog post continues here...

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  • Derek, glad to see you are back at the Human Services Informatic Blog.  We definitely need more data-centric platforms, as opposed to the present "app wasteland".  I'm not sure who coined that wasteland phrase, but it made me laugh.  Maybe we were a little early in 2014, but we're in good company, since Tim Berners-Lee has been working on data-centric (and decentralized) Solid.  And I'm hoping RDF* can bridge the technical gaps between nascent property graphs and the enormous amount of existing Linked Data out there.  But even without those two technologies, I feel that technologists and developers are increasingly understanding the need for data-centric systems and workflows.  

    • Thanks, Eric!  I was delighted to find that you're co-chairing the POC group. It's an exciting project, I'm looking forward to the next conversation. In the first one, I believe a couple of existing systems were mentioned as potential platforms. It would be great to start looking at their data models to understand their affordances and limitations.

      It was Dave McComb who came up with the term Software Wasteland. I have found his second book, Data-Centric Revolution, very apropos to all the issues we've talked about in the human services. And he covers a lot of the possibilities inherent in RDF, LOD and other elements of what he calls the Semantic Stack.



      Software Wasteland: How the Application-Centric Mindset is Hobbling our Enterprises: Dave McComb: 9…
      Software Wasteland: How the Application-Centric Mindset is Hobbling our Enterprises [Dave McComb] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers…
      • I can't speak to the MiHIN or UX platforms being used for the project, but below I pasted the basic data topology of the hslynk human service platform. website apis code repo docs repo .  All the schemas (except the data lake's graph) are listed here.


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