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Applying emerging technologies invariably depends on sharing data in a controlled, secure and timely way. We need to do that because of the significant, positive impact on people’s lives. Using technology to incorporate the social determinants can improve outcomes, improve quality and reduce costs. The technologies are here or are on the horizon, so we need a bold vision and actionable process for learning about them and then using them judiciously and ethnically; otherwise, we’re not doing our jobs or seizing the opportunities in front of us, right now.
- Let's Get Technical Group Moderator, Dave Walsh

Defining Success and Promoting Progress

Since its inception, the Let’s Get Technical (LGT) group has engaged in productive, forward-looking conversations that advance information-sharing and interoperability across multiple domains. A major asset of the group’s membership is their individual and cumulative knowledge about NIC’s six domains of primary focus. The domains are currently: Human Services, Public Health, Education, Public Safety, Emergency Medical Services and Health Information & Technology. NIC’s report on the six domains discusses their commonalities and differences, and it proposes an approach for leveraging them to improve and enhance areas of overlap.

The high level of engagement and idea exchange during the LGT meetings has been impressive and inspiring – and it clearly has been a motivating factor in the growing interest and participation in the group’s weekly calls. As the group matures, we are now executing a strategy to ensure that this effort remains relevant, practical and productive into the future. Our aim is both to make participation rewarding and, most importantly, to focus our discussions and projects so they contribute to genuine progress.

Toward that end, LGT is exploring common concerns and challenges, such as aligning various information-exchange standards, identifying innovative person-matching methods, and focusing on data-sharing innovations. Moreover, we are conceiving and supporting the development of proof-of-concept projects that demonstrate key concepts and pragmatic possible paths forward to accelerate the exchange of actionable information across domains.

We view LGT as a pro-active initiative that will expand and evolve as more professionals make collaboration part of their day job (not something “extra,” done on nights and weekends). Increasing collaboration within and across organizations/systems will enhance knowledge transfer, inform data-sharing and improve decision-making. We believe collaboration is a strategic differentiator that will drive organizational, systemic success as it grows in practice.


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