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This is where technical-oriented professionals in social, health and human services and other sectors come together to discuss cross-silo, multi-disciplinary issues people across the country face every day. The group is exploring common concerns and challenges, such as aligning information-exchange standards, identifying trusted person-matching methods, and focusing on data-sharing innovations. We have also recently launched our first proof of concepts. to accelerate the exchange of actionable information across domains through a collaboration between NIC and MITA TAC . Join the conversations, share knowledge and resources, discuss emerging trends and participate in shaping solutions. Read more >>

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Applying emerging technologies invariably depends on sharing data in a controlled, secure and timely way. We need to do that because of the significant, positive impact on people’s lives. Using technology to incorporate the social determinants can improve outcomes, improve quality and reduce costs. The technologies are here or are on the horizon, so we need a bold vision and actionable process for learning about them and then using them judiciously and ethnically; otherwise, we’re not doing our jobs or seizing the opportunities in front of us, right now.
- Let's Get Technical Group Moderator, Dave Walsh

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