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Welcome to the NIC Group for the Tech-Minded!

This is where tech-focused professionals in social, health and human services – as well as related sectors – come together to address the cross-silo, multi-disciplinary issues that they face every day. The initial group of participants will help incubate this group to define its purpose, parameters and content during the early formation stage. The LGT Group is where you can engage in deep-dive conversations, share knowledge and resources, discuss emerging trends and opportunities, and (most pointedly) shape solutions.

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Applying emerging technologies – AI, for instance – is invariably dependent on sharing data in a controlled, secure way. We need to do that because of the significant, positive impact on people’s lives. Using technology to incorporate the social determinants of health and well-being, for example, could result in grocery stores coming to areas where they’re needed or in helping doctors better-diagnose a patient’s symptoms. It’s important to realize we don’t have to invent these technologies, but we do need to realize they are coming – or are here already – and to understand how to apply them in meaningful ways. And we need a bold vision and well-managed implementation because, If we don’t learn how to use them most effectively, we’re not doing our jobs.
- Let's Get Technical Group Moderator, Dave Walsh

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