Opioid Crisis: A Brief Overview

It begs the question on funding for research, when in this recent article interconnections are touched on:

...Another area of concern, which is still under the radar, is the connection between opioid addiction and gun violence. According to the study, published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, opioid addicts are more prone to carry or become victims of gun violence than alcohol-dependent individuals. The study was conducted in Massachusetts and found that the rate of gun possession is more than twice among opioid-dependent respondents than the rate of regular residents. Majority of the addicted population have carried gun for self-protection and have involved in gun-related violence. This is especially concerning as Massachusetts presents the least number of gun-related casualties in the nation. This is another tier of threat that opioid-addiction presents to our society. Read more

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  • As a follow up, A year has passed since Congress clarified that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was allowed to conduct gun violence research, but the agency has yet to receive a significant increase in funding to support that effort.


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