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Human Services, Education, Public Health, Public Safety, Health Information Technology

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Human Services, Education, Public Health, Public Safety

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Andy Krackov’s career has focused on the intersection of data and community-level action. His consultancy, Hillcrest Advisory, works with social sector organizations on the front lines of local change to help them communicate numbers effectively and tell stories with data, in order to transform facts into impact. 


The bulk of Andy’s data storytelling experience is in California, where he managed statewide data projects for two foundations. At the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health, Andy helped launch and manage that foundation’s kidsdata.org initiative, which leverages local data as a tool to bring attention to children’s issues across California. At the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF), Andy partnered with the State of California to build a nation-leading open data program to publish, and encourage use of, the valuable health data the state provides. At CHCF, Andy also managed an initiative that funded new methods for county health departments to effectively communicate their data locally and oversaw the foundation’s work to put data about the quality of hospitals and nursing homes in the hands of health care consumers.


Through his consultancy, Hillcrest Advisory, Andy helps his clients focus on the actions that audiences want to take with data, based on his in-the-trenches experience working with local health departments, foundations, service providers and universities. Hillcrest Advisory ensures organizations craft cogent and compelling data stories that are aligned with outcomes; advises on strategies to best leverage data for impact; and trains organizations who want to improve their capacity to communicate with numbers.


Prior to establishing Hillcrest Advisory, Andy also was vice president for data strategy at the digital agency Velir, where he worked on data projects with AARP, Yale University, the World Bank, the Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization, and others doing local, national, and international work to disseminate data. Andy also served as Vice President for Partnerships and Strategy at the data storytelling startup, LiveStories. 


His first professional experience – and his abiding passion – is journalism: Andy was a researcher and a reporter at U.S. News & World Report and the Chronicle of Higher Education. After receiving his master’s degree in communication theory from Stanford, he managed Stanford’s web presence for five years as the university’s web managing editor.

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