Decatur, GA

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The Task Force for Global Health


President & CEO

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Human Services, Education, Public Health, Public Safety, Health Information Technology, Emergency Services

What are your domains of EXPERTISE?

Public Health, Health Information Technology

Do you have any OTHER domains of expertise?

Global Health; Biostatistics; Operational Research

Share with us a short bio of yourself.

My career spans work in aerospace (Johns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab), health care services research and administration, public health research and practice at CDC, commercial health care IT/electronic health records and global health. After retiring from CDC as a US Public Health Service Officer, I worked for Cerner Corp. and later came to The Task Force for Global Health where i founded the Public Health Informatics Institute and later became CEO.  In 2016 we won the Hilton Humanitarian Prize, the Nobel Prize of humanitarian work.  The Task Force focuses on eliminating diseases and building capacities that protect the health of populations.  We do this through building coalitions and partnerships.  Last year our disease elimination programs treated over 350 million individuals and we moved over 2 billion treatments throughout the world, often to the remotest places on earth.  While working in 157 countries across multiple program areas, such as tropical diseases and building field epidemiology capacity, we also work in the US helping to connect public health agencies with health care provider organizations.

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