Midlothian, VA


LexisNexis RIsk Solutions


Director, Business Development

What are your domains of INTEREST?

Human Services, Public Health, Health Information Technology

What are your domains of EXPERTISE?

Human Services

Share with us a short bio of yourself.

Doug Tomlin is the HHS Business Development Director for the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Southwest regions. He has been with LexisNexis Risk Solutions for 5 years and was previously with Xerox for 15 years. At Xerox Doug was primarily an Executive Account Manager overseeing the day to operations of their MMIS fiscal agent accounts in several states, including Mississippi, Virginia and West Virginia. In his current role with LexisNexis Doug is tasked with several goals and expectations. The first is to identify new opportunities within the state and local arena that LN products and services can be utilized. Doug’s primary focus is in the healthcare field, but he also supports other public benefit programs as well. Secondly, Doug’s role is to engage with state departmental representatives, legislative contacts, lobbyist, and the vendor community to promote and explain how the LN products and services can provide positive benefits towards meeting those particular stakeholders goals. He does this in conjunction with his regional Account Manager(s) and Inside Sales team members along with assistance from LN’s Strategic Alliance and Governmental affairs groups. This also includes the process identifying and acting on immediate sales opportunities and setting up Proof of Concepts. In both of these cases Doug works along with his regional team and other LN support groups, such as the batch team and product development, to close these deals. Thirdly, upon making contact with the stakeholders above a key component of Doug’s role is to influence RFP language(if immediate sales opportunities are not available) so that it is as favorable to LN as possible. By explaining the benefits and distinguishing differences between LN’s products and our competitors, hopefully those specific products traits will be required as part of the RFP. Finally, Doug’s role is to participate in guiding LN’s responses to RFP’s, RFI’s and other solicitations for business from our clients and potential clients. In this role Doug coordinates with the LN Proposal Team to ensure that solution and all other support personnel (i.e. SME’s, writers, business partners, etc.) needed to respond to the opportunity are identified.

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