Alpine, UT

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Advisor to Marsali Hancock at EP3

What are your domains of INTEREST?

Education, Health Information Technology

What are your domains of EXPERTISE?

Health Information Technology

Do you have any OTHER domains of expertise?

Library and Information Science extensive experience in Health IT.

Share with us a short bio of yourself.

Veteran of National Academy of Sciences (NAS) National Academy of Medicine (NAM - formerly IOM), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Trained at Intermountain in Bio Informatics. Built the largest Master Person Indexes (MPIs) in healthcare (300M+ Americans), built the ONLY operational nationwide Record Locator Service (RLS), built the largest Rx databases in America (300M+ American's Rx data updated every 24 hours by all 60K+ retail pharmacies all across the US). Senior Staff Officer at the National Academy of Sciences and Directed the IOM's Landmark Study on medical records and produced the book: The Computer-base Patient Record; An Essential Technology for Healthcare published in 2 editions (1991 and 1997); Trained under Homer R. Warner, MD, Ph.D - Dr. Warner is the leading of the four "Founding Fathers" of computers in clinical medicine (Medical Informatics). Led and performed extensive research at the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and built the world's first total library automations system running on minicomputers. Supervised Medline worldwide at the NLM. Been a serial entrepreneur and consultant to the European Research Council (ERC) and been an advisor on Health IT to many governments around the world. Selected to do a six-week "around the world Lecture tour" on Health IT.

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