The Recipe for Progress


  • Convene the stakeholders
  • Establish a governance model
  • Establish a standard of information
  • Engage clients at their level
  • Retool the messaging between agencies
  • Create unique identifiers
  • Convene and prototype interventions at scale
  • Look at high priority pain points
  • Mobilize all the voices
  • Language about interoperability in RFP
  • Allow for customization at the local level


  • What will you say to get people to the table? You are a part of the healthcare system, where do your referrals come from? What are your needs? What would bring value to you? Emphasize public good.
  • What's in it for me?! Financial benefits, client benefits, innovation potential.
  • What's new? Showcase real world stories, stories that illustrate and engage, the power of storytelling, stories that inform data.
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