Every two years, Stanford Social Innovation Review—the leading global publication on cutting-edge theory and practice for the social sector—brings together senior leaders from nonprofit organizations and foundations, social entrepreneurs and philanthropists, leading academics and researchers, executives of for-profit CSR-centric businesses, and government policymakers from around the world for two days, to discuss, debate and develop solutions that address the most pressing global challenges. 

  • What role can civil society organizations play in preventing massive refugee migrations?
  • Are social impact bonds and other outcome-based funding approaches achieving their goals?
  • Are cities increasingly the cradle of social innovation?
  • What responsibilities do foundations and large funders have to respond to community demands for decolonizing wealth and power?
  • Can the expertise of those without computer science backgrounds be successfully integrated into the development of AI to produce more ethical and just tools?
  • If climate change is the defining issue of our time, how should we all change our work?
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