Palo Alto, CA


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What are your domains of INTEREST?

Human Services, Education, Public Health, Public Safety, Health Information Technology, Emergency Services

Do you have any OTHER domains of interest?

Individuals' rights to privacy, confidentiality, access and control their information.

What are your domains of EXPERTISE?

Education, Public Health, Health Information Technology

Do you have any OTHER domains of expertise?

Child, Student, and Patient Data Compliance and Advocate

Share with us a short bio of yourself.

As a nonprofit executive, Marsali Hancock has twenty years of experience working with leading national and international policy leaders, top-ranked Fortune 100 companies like Google, AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Target, Intel, Microsoft, Facebook, and Dell, along with highly respected organizations, maximizing technology to improve the quality of life, education, and economic opportunities. In 2017 Ms. Hancock was awarded IEEE Communication Quality and Reliability 2017 Chairman's Award. Hancock serves as Chair of Families, Children and Adolescents Subcommittee on Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Board where she advocates for integrated care for mental health and substance use patients and their families. Hancock developed the first Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approved COPPA safe harbor providing state and federal education law certifications. Ms. Hancock is deeply involved nationally and internationally in measuring and defining positive digital cultures, responsible regulatory frameworks, data privacy, data compliance, and effective education initiatives that both empower and protect individuals.

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