This is the time for adaptive leadership to come forward and figure out how they can help communities adapt to the future that’s coming, particularly since most people are resistant to change. People are struggling right now and the coronavirus pandemic is making it worse right now, especially those that are low-income and are struggling to pay for basic necessities like housing and food. This group of people struggle with being stigmatized, ridiculed, and judged. They struggle to get the help that they need to live a better life and provide a better future for their children.

The NIC recently held a webinar that was hosted by Dr. Tiffany Manuel and she talked about how imperative it is, right now, to work together to gain public will and to get people to lean into the planning process to embrace and enhance communities so that every person, no matter their income, has their basic needs met. There’s a lot of data out there, the healthcare system having some of the best data, to help with this process and change the narrative to get people into these conversations that are needed and to help communities move forward.

How can we use the data that we currently have to make a case for change? How can adaptive leadership bring all the pieces of a community (i.e., community-based organizations, developers, and employers) together to have those hard discussions on how they can help their community move forward? How can they work together to develop solutions that allow every member of the community have a piece of the pie?


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