About UX Framework (Unify UX)

Core Team


Project Unify UX is the user experience component of our Proof of Concept initiative. At a high-level, Unify will have four major components:

  • A FHIR Server to house healthcare data (specifically FHIR resources)
  • A NIEM Server, HSLink, which will behave similarly to the FHIR server but will focus on managing NIEM.
  • Independent cloud functions, which will provide focused functionality – such as person-matching – to either servers or client-side applications. 
  • The User eXperience, a platform that makes it easy to write meaningful applications based on the data available through the FHIR Server, the NIEM Server and the Cloud Functions.

Both the FHIR server and the NIEM server will support Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Writing a useful application can be complex. Areas that need to be addressed include: managing HTTPS calls, parsing and generating JSON data, multiple device support (iPhone, Android, web browser, MAC, Windows or Linux desktops, etc.). It is also important to make the application easy to use and appealing to the user.

Unify UX intends to address all of these issues with an open source framework in 2020. Unify UX is not just an App. It is a framework for writing applications with speed, usability, security and accuracy in mind. We will be publishing our progress on the NIC Collaboration Hub each week.

Our intent is to be bold in our approach, recognizing that there may be some early failures as a result. But we believe the lessons we’ll learn in the process will ultimately help us to succeed. In order to do so, we need the participation of professionals with a broad range of diverse skills, from graphic artists and testers to data analysts and coders. Please join us for this exciting journey.

Latest Updates!

Unify UX is the component of Project Unify (our proof of concept) that accesses various FHIR resources and makes that information available for Applications. Unify UX provides an open-source framework for App development. The goal is to provide an uber-productive environment for developers to meet the upcoming CMS/ONC rules on interoperability. 

We have achieved a new milestone in this work, which is an application developed with Unify UX that can perform Create Read Update and Delete operations via FHIR on Resources (Records) housed on the Michigan Health Information Network, or MiHIN. A major accomplishment is that the initial App can run natively on IOS and  Android, as well as web browsers. Technically that is a big deal, as we expect that all apps developed using Unify UX will be available natively through devices or universally through browsers. Our client base – i.e., clients, customers, patients, etc. – should be able to access their data through any of their devices.

Our next steps are to provide the same functionality for Human Services domains focusing on NIEM.