The coronavirus pandemic is shedding light on how important health exchange data and interoperability is. In Florida, there is one health information exchange that created a portal where all health systems and patients can have access to health records. This portal is being tested in Tallahassee and Bradenton and so far, patients and health professionals are sharing positive feedback.

“The need to share data among physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, labs, and other entities is a challenge” said HIE Network co-founder Dan Kaelin. However, HIE Network is working hard to eliminate these challenges and help health care providers tackle the coronavirus pandemic. The co-founder of HIE Networks is hoping to make this portal available throughout the entire State of Florida.

With the coronavirus spreading so quickly across every state in the United States, does this call for a nationwide health information exchange system?


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  • Communication and exchange of data between the federal government and the local health authorities is never more important than during epidemics. The success of these efforts hinges on real-time collection and analysis of data as well as instant decisionmaking and communication to states and localities. But, what happens after the shock and recoery? 

    • There's never been a bigger need for communication between the federal government and the states than right now! All I've heard on the news is that there has been a huge lack in information sharing and communication. I'm really hoping that after this is over with and we are in recovery mode that real changes are made to make communication and information sharing easier in the future. People don't stay in place anymore, they are constantly moving around or traveling so I think having a nationwide health information exchange system would be a good start. 

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